Terms of Service.


The electronic documents that you upload and store on your account are considered “Content”.  All Content uploaded by you into your account is yours and we don’t control, verify, or endorse the Content that you or others upload here.  You are responsible for all Content uploaded into your NearestYou account. You are responsible for making sure that you have all the rights you need in relation to the Content.  In addition, by storing, using or transmitting Content you confirm that you will not violate any law or these Terms. You agree that when you share your Content, you may be allowing other people to access and use your Content in any way without further restriction or compensation to you. 

You agree to provide NearestYou the right to transmit, process, use and disclose Content and other information which we may obtain as part of your use of the Services but only: (i) as necessary for us to provide the Services, (ii) as otherwise permitted by these Terms, (iii) as otherwise required by law, regulation or order, and/or (iv) to respond to an emergency.



NearestYou respects the intellectual property of others and will respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement that comply with the law. We reserve the right to delete or disable Content alleged to violate copyright laws or these Terms and reserve the right to terminate the account(s) of violators.

If you believe there has been a violation of your intellectual property rights, please contact us at [email protected]



We agree that your Content, uploaded files, credit card/banking information and information contained in your account is confidential to you.  



The Services are provided from the United States.  By using and accessing the Services, you understand and agree to the storage of Content and any other personal information in the United States.  However, you understand that you (or other people that you collaborate with) can access the Services (including Content) from outside of the United States (subject to applicable law) and that nothing prohibits the processing of other information outside of the United States.  NearestYou does offer products that enable storage and/or processing of Content outside of the United States and those products are subject to additional terms and conditions.



You agree you will not, nor will you encourage others or assist others to, harm the Services or use the Services to harm others.  For example, you must not use the Services to harm, threaten, or harass another person, organization. You must not:  (a) damage, disable, overburden, or impair the Service; (b) resell or redistribute the Services or any part of it; (c) use any unauthorized means to modify, reroute, or gain access to the Services or attempt to carry out these activities; (d) use any automated process or service (such as a bot, a spider, or periodic caching of information stored by NearestYou) to access or use the Services; (e) use the Services beyond the features allocation and amounts provided in that Service or in violation of our fair use policy; (f) use the Services to, and/or cause NearestYou to, violate any law or distribute any malware or malicious Content; or (g) distribute, post, share information or Content illegally or without permission. 

As part of our efforts to protect the Service, protect our customers, or to stop you from breaching these Terms we retain the right to block or otherwise prevent delivery of any type of file, email or other communication to or from the Services.

We also reserve the right to deactivate, change and/or require you to change your NearestYou user ID and any custom or vanity URLs, custom links, or vanity domains you may obtain through the Services. 

You also agree that if you learn of any unauthorized or unacceptable use of any account, Content or the Service, you will promptly contact NearestYou Support and take all reasonable steps to cooperate with NearestYou and assist in the termination of such use.



We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the Service at any time in our sole discretion if a) you are in breach of these Terms; or b) your use of the Services could cause a risk of harm or loss to NearestYou or our other users; or c) NearestYou declines to renew your Subscription Period. When reasonable and as permitted by law, NearestYou will provide you reasonable advance notice of this change as well as an opportunity to correct any actions that led to NearestYou’s decision. We will not be able to provide this advance notice if you are in material breach of these Terms, or if such notice would lead to civil or criminal liability for NearestYou, or if providing notice would compromise our ability to provide the Services to our other users. For the avoidance of doubt, NearestYou may still make a determination that it does not want to continue offering you access to the Service at any time for any or no reason.    

You understand that if your account is suspended or terminated, you may no longer have access to the Content that is stored with the Services.

Upon termination you may request access to your Content, which we will make available, except in cases where we have terminated your account due to your violation of these Terms or the Acceptable Use Policy terms in Section 10.  You must make such request within fourteen (14) days following termination otherwise, any Content you have stored with the Services may not be retrievable and we will have no obligation to maintain Content stored in your account after this fourteen (14) day period.