A New APPROACH TO mapping

Velocity Maps

Drive product trials at new retailers with our Velocity Maps. 

Imagine: you just got your products into a major retailer and you need to show velocity.

Our new mapping tool allows you to showcase the new retailer on a separate map on your site for a given period of time. Build a geolocated marketing plan via paid or owned media to send traffic to your new retailer map. Collect the user search analytics and when the campaign ends, simply redirect that traffic back to your main store locator. 


Value Added Locator

Built independently of your current store locator to increase store specific engagement

Brand Design & Strategy

The embed is designed to match your website automatically.


Captures analytics and search

Captures user-search analytics specifically for the retailer campaign.

Mobile Optimization

The embed is optimized for both iOS and Android devices to provide easy access to locations.

Cost is based on how many locations are on the map and how long you plan to run the promotion. It is simply a one-time cost and the new map is designed to match the branding on your site. 

Velocity Maps Demo